Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Election night immediate action from James Wesley, Rawles

Odds are that the next President of the United States is unfortunately going to be Hillary Clinton. In the event that she gets elected, SurvivalBlog writer and professional survivalist and prepper James Wesley, Rawles predicts (and I fully agree) that there is a long list of goods that will become nearly impossible to find in the manner in which we find them today. Guns and ammo is what I speak of, of course, but even other things, such as buckets of pre-packaged, long-term stored food could become scarce.

Upon Hillary winning, it may very well take less than 24 hours for prices on certain weapons (AR-15 rifles, for example) and ammo (ammo FOR AR-15 rifles, for example) to skyrocket. These prices have shown precedent to triple within just a few days. The rifle you can buy tomorrow on October 26th for $675 is very likely to demand nearly $1,200 by lunchtime on November 9th. That same rifle that you see in stock covering the walls of your local gun store this week is probably going to be impossible to find by Christmas, and may very be considered illegal to own by April of 2017 (after Hillary's first 100 days in office.

Ammunition chambered in 5.56mm NATO and/or .223 Remington still has not fully recovered from the gun and ammo scare of 2012. Ammo chambered in .22LR is still impossible to find in some of the big box stores stores around the country. The price hikes and supply disappearances of a few years ago may happen again within the next month or two.

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