Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Education indoctrination.

Americans often complain about the state of our education system. While I understand the disappointment in the falling education of the American youth, sometimes I think the complaints are misplaced. It's true that our education system is not always preparing students well to compete with foreign trained students in various job fields, but generally speaking, American students are still highly competitive and dominate many fields of work requiring advance training. When it comes to patents on new technology, Americans still dominate many fields. Nanotechnology is just one example.

The reason I think that the complaints are misplaced is because while our education system is still generally among the best in the world, it also has a high degree of political and philosophical indoctrination involved in it.

"Education is a weapon whose effect depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." - J. Stalin

So called "progressives" have nearly complete control of our universities in the United States and Europe. You'd be hard pressed to find conservative or libertarian minded political science, international studies, economics, education, history, cultural studies, sociology or psychology professors in any of our major educational institutions. Our universities have become havens where the likes of people such as Bill Ayers can hold a position of great influence. If you want to find the worst example of a university that is totally infiltrated and dominated by "progressive" influence, look no further than the University of California, Berkeley.

The infiltration and influence of the same "progressive" ideals has filtered down into our childrens' public school system. These ideals can rightfully be labeled as progressive, collectivist, socialist or communist. The attempts in our public school system to attack individual liberties and the governmental system of the constitutional republic are well documented, but that documentation is also well suppressed.

Examples of this are frequent. In one elementary school, students were asked to write down which of the rights on the Bill of Rights they would be willing to give up. In another elementary school, students were recently instructed that the "government is like our family" and that the government "takes care" of us and "punishes" us like our family does.

History is one of the most prominent examples of anti-American and collectivist bias in our school system. Today, young students are taught that America's power was won only through destruction of indiginous peoples worldwide, theft of property, imperialist wars and policies of slavery. There is little to no mention of the early struggle for religious freedom (religion is also often taught to have a strictly negative effect on America), freedom from taxation without representation, the hard work of pioneers who built our country and the Founding Fathers who fought a war against an empire for a free land.

Let me give one example. The Mexican-American War is taught in such a way that states that the US attacked and invaded Mexico in order to seize previously Mexican land for American expansion. Something that is completely ignored is that all three developing nations on the continent (US, Canada and Mexico) knew for a fact that anyone who controlled the port city of New Orleans would control the Mississippi River Basin. Anyone who controlled that basin would undoubtedly become the sole power on the continent. The US maintained control over New Orleans and Mexico had well known plans to mobilize, march across Texas and seize New Orleans from US control. The US mobilized and invaded preemptively and pushed Mexican forces Southward. This attack ended the conflict between Mexico and Texas and ended all future possibilities of an attempt by Mexico to seize New Orleans.

If these kinds of facts were properly taught in our schools, anti-American and communist ideals would not be able to take hold so easily among our youth. The example above is just one example of how kids in America are being lulled to sleep while the ideals of communism creep into society.

Home schooling is looked upon in society as backwards and old fashioned, a relic of a bygone era when so called "organized" school was not always an option for everyone. But in my opinion, homeschooling is one of the two best ways (growing most or all of your own food is the other) to pull yourself and your family out from under the control of "the powers that be" (TPTB). It isn't difficult to find a Christian or libertarian-minded curriculum for your kids. They have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment (the "gun free" public school systems often deny your children that safety) about the truth that TPTB have been suppressing for years.

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