Tuesday, August 27, 2013

List of Lists - Documents

For the next category on the list of lists we will talk about documents. Even post SHTF, keeping track of your personal documents is important. Having your lease handy may convince authorities to allow you to continue past a checkpoint toward your home when most others are being turned away. Your social security card will provide proof that you are an American citizen, which is obviously useful during a nationwide disaster. Your marriage license may prevent you from being forcefully separated from your spouse during martial law. It's important to keep these documents and extra copies of them (in appropriate cases) protected and easily accessible. A fireproof lockbox and waterproof case is advisable. Some documents to keep safe and secure are:

- Marriage license
- Power of Attorney
- Insurance forms
- Car titles and registration
- Last Will and Testament
- DD 214
- 401(k) forms
- List of usernames, account numbers, passwords, lock combinations, PINs and ID numbers
- Birth certificates
- Social Security cards
- Debit and credit cards
- Proof of residency, lease agreement
- Other IDs and licenses
- Membership cards
- Pet tags
- Military dog tags

Some people will not have some of these documents. Only former military will have a DD 214, for instance.

It is up to you to make judgments on what documents to keep within easy reach. Just because a document isn't on this list, doesn't mean it isn't important. Take this document list and tailor it to your needs. Do you have a persistent medical condition? Maybe your medical records would be useful to keep around. Have a rare blood type? A blood type card in your wallet may assist medical professionals during your care. Look at your unique situation and make your own judgments regarding important documentation.

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