Saturday, August 10, 2013

List of Lists - General Clothing

The next category on the list of lists is the general clothing category. The importance of this particular category is obvious. This category also has the potential to be the most customized category because people live in such diverse areas and find many different types of clothing to fit their needs. Due to this category being subject to such a high degree of customization, it's a very generalized list. Rather than seeing items listed such as "4 pairs of earth-tone, tactical cargo pants in differing colors", you're more likely to see it listed simply as "cargo pants". I'll leave it up to you to decide what's best for you.

Some of the items that should be included on the general clothing list are:

- Undergarments
- Regular socks
- Wool socks (Breathes, dries quickly, wicks away sweat and retains warmth even when wet or dirty)
- Short sleeve tee-shirts
- Long sleeve tee-shirts (Sun protection, but stays cool)
- Cold weather coats and jackets
- Shorts
- Long pants (A mix of cargo pants and jeans will be my personal choice)
- Sturdy tennis shoes
- Hiking boots
- Hats
- Sunglasses

I know that some might be thinking "I live in Southern Arizona!" I don't have any need for any cold weather clothing!". Others might be thinking "I live in Alaska. I can do without putting shorts on the list."

The truth is, you never know what kind of weather will be thrown at you. People have gotten heat stroke in snowy weather. People have gotten hypothermia in the desert. This is a "general clothing" list because it includes a good general supply of clothing to keep you ready for any type of weather.

Another thought many people may have is about wearing fatigues when the SHTF. Fatigues certainly have their place on a list, but the general clothing list is not the one. The clothing on this list will help you to blend in with other people. This is the "gray man" method. It's a good idea to look like you're not well prepared, well armed survivalist. That makes you a target of looters and a person of interest to everyone from your neighbors to the police to government agents when a crisis occurs.

More specialized items of clothing such as prescription glasses or fatigues are covered by other categories.


  1. 100% agree with the "gray man" tactic. Survival means keeping low key , blending and "hiding in plain sight". Military combat clothing and T shirts with "From my cold, dead hands", etc on the front are foolish.

    IMO, I've lived out West, in the desert and up North and South, most folks who's been in any region for any length of time know what clothes are appropriate. The only thing I'd say is, anywhere that you could use a tshirt, you can use a long sleeve tshirt for protection against sun, wind, bugs, limbs and branches, etc.

    Layering is better than a large overcoat, it's lighter and you can more accurately regulate your temps.

    Also, footwear, imo, this is also region specific. In Florida a jungle boot would be appropriate, while up North a heavier boot is necessary.

  2. You're absolutely right. This is why I always tell people that my list is a generalized as I can make it. It's specifically made so that I can give it to people who will then tailor it to their own personal and regional needs. Someone planning to bug out in Florida will have a need for those boots you mentioned, while someone planning to stay in a more urban setting might not have such a large need for them.