Sunday, August 11, 2013

Everyday carry items.

Everyday carry (EDC) is a tenet that runs throughout the survivalism community. EDC is a term that describes the items that you carry on your person on a daily basis, especially when you're out of your house. The average American male will EDC a wallet, a cell phone and car keys. The average American female will EDC several additional items inside a purse. A cell phone, wallet or change purse, car keys, small hygiene items and a few bits of makeup are about all. This is generally the extent of EDC for the average person.

The survivalist is likely to have a unique EDC set at all times. This is the entire point of being a survivalist, being ready to make it through any situation that arises. EDC is not, however, a full get out of dodge kit (G.O.O.D.) or bug out bag (BOB). EDC is simply items that can be comfortable and discreetly carried at all times in pockets, on a belt or even on a string around the neck. Some common and advisable EDC items include:

- Concealed carry weapon (CCW) and ammo magazine(s) in accordance with local, state and federal laws
- Survival knife in accordance with local, state and federal laws
- Multi-tool
- Wallet with $20-$50 cash, identification, driver license, blood type card and required permits for CCW
- Car keys
- Flashlight
- 550 paracord bracelet

This might sound like a bit much to carry around, but with some research and practice, you can make it easy and comfortable.

Choose a compact firearm for EDC. Even a compact .45ACP handgun can be easily concealed. Try not to carry any caliber weapon smaller than a 9mm if possible. Use an in-the-waistband (IWB) holster to make your CCW less conspicuous when you're wearing Summer clothes. An outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster is a bit more comfortable and is sufficient to use with loose or layered clothing. Make sure you learn the laws in your state to ensure that you avoid trouble with local law enforcement.

A knife is something that can be easily carried in a pocket or on a belt clip. A multi-tool has a knife blade on it and can also be easily carried on a belt clip. Most people who carry a multi-tool will not also carry a knife, since the multi-tool has a knife blade.

A 550 paracord bracelet should contain approximately 10 feet of cordage.

A small flashlight, like a "Mini-Maglite", fits easily on a keychain.

Another idea is to take a small plastic card and wrap several feet of duct tape around it. This gives you an easy way to carry a little bit of duct tape with you in your wallet or in a pocket without even feeling it. The uses for duct tape are endless.

EDC is just "level one" readiness, if you will. The next level would consist of a BOB to get you from your current location to a bug out location (BOL). The BOB is made to get you through a 72 hour move to you BOL. The next level of readiness would be a deep larder and stored supplies at a BOL. With all that in mind, readiness starts with the items you carry with you on a day to day basis.


  1. Agree on the EDC, tho I'm in the NYC reload camp: 2 guns, instead of mags. A magazine won't fix a catastrophic failure, another gun will.

    Also, on the BOB and BOL,,,,use common sense. Even now, you won't pack a bag for vacation unless you have somewhere to go. IMO, focus more on having a place to BO to first. Then you'll see what you need to pack to make it there.

  2. I do understand where you're coming from with the idea of carrying two guns. Different strokes, I guess.

    I also see your point on why a BOL is technically more important than having a BOB. I mean, who would ever choose a BOB over a BOL if they could only have one? However, a BOL could take years for someone to acquire under certain circumstances. For instance, I don't yet have the BOL I really want. However, that should never stop me from putting together a good BOB. For most people, the BOB is far easier and faster to put together than a good BOL. My advice? Work on getting both as fast as you can. If your BOB is finished first, then at least you'll have that resource available to you for anything you'll need it for while you continue making BOL arrangements.