Saturday, August 3, 2013

Podcast appearance on 02 August, 2013.

I was recently invited to do an interview on a libertarian-based podcast. It went well and we discussed a broad range of topics. Here is the interview. I really enjoyed the discussion and hope to make more appearances in the future.


  1. General ideas,

    I would never consider going to another Country, especially a 3rd world country to evade any stituation here in the USA. Not only would it be a simple trade off from one set of problems for another set of problems. Americans are not popular anywhere and in most places, you will always be an outsider, a Gringo and it's a warlord thing. they will take what you have and kill you without a second thought.

    Bradley manning is now Chelsea Manning and one really messed up individual.. I wonder if he/she wasn't in the military, would his/her crime be as bad?

    Today, Liberal IS progressive and progessive has been our problem for over 100 yrs. Pres Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive- seized public land for the govt. FDR was a Progressive, further paving the way, with the Interstate program, extending Fed govt reach and control.

    I don't agree with Libertarian platform.

  2. I am with you on your first point. I don't have any plans to leave the US. This is my land and I'll stay here for better or worse.

    Well, I'm unsure what role that would play. I do my best to simplify his situation so I can easily decide. He obviously committed a crime that did damage to the security of the US. Regardless of whether or not he exposed certain misdeeds by the US government, he did commit crimes, was found guilty and should be punished.

    Yes, today's liberalism is progressivism, unfortunately. During the podcast I was trying to highlight some differences between what liberalism used to be and how it's defined today. It's the same word, but two very different philosophies.