Saturday, November 16, 2013

List of Lists - Firefighting

This is going to be a pretty short section of the list of lists. A fire is something that can completely bring down everything you've worked for. One day, you and your family of five could be living in a nice cabin in the woods, away from the destruction in the cities and along the highways and interstates. You could have all the preps you need and food and clean water for the next five or ten years. Then a fire starts one night, and you lose everything in hours. You're all no longer survivors. You're refugees at best, if you can find a place to go.

Prevention is key. Keep all fires outdoors with the exception of well protected candles. If you have something like cigarettes, smoke outdoors. Campfires should be guarded at all times. Any fires you start outside, try to start them on dirt rather than grassy areas. Beware of embers that burn after the fires are "out". Beware of flying ash that could travel and catch fire somewhere else. The list is short, because there is a saying about an "ounce of prevention"...

- Type ABC fire extinguisher
- Fire resistant blankets

Baking soda is something many people will point out, but I've already got that on a food storage list for later discussion.

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