Friday, December 20, 2013

On "Duck Dynasty", Phil Robertson and the Progressive movement in America.

With freedom of speech comes consequences for what you say, I understand that. However, I'm tired of  seeing conservatives, gun owners, white people and Christians being the only ones who have to pay those consequences. Did President Obama pay any consequences when he made a derogatory statement about "small town" people and how we apparently "cling to their guns and religion" because we don't like people who are different from us? Did Oprah pay any consequences when she said that racism would never end until all racists had died?

This issue with Phil Robertson isn't about the 1st Amendment. He didn't get thrown in jail for saying what he said. It's about the fact that a public figure will be labeled and punished if they dare to insult one of the three liberal-progressive pillars of homosexuality, abortion or racism. Phil Roberts made his personal opinion based on his religious belief and because it hit on one of the big three issues of progressivism, he is being punished. They will not stop until he is totally destroyed. If A&E reverses any part of their decision, the minority groups like GLAAD will harass, threaten and bully the network into doing exactly what they tell them to. 

The ultimate goal of the progressive movement all along was to wait for an opportunity to attack the Robertson family and have them removed from mainstream TV. Such a conservative, Christian show with good old Southern values, hunting, guns, patriotism, a Vietnam vet, regular prayer and a traditional family unit is viewed as a dangerous affront to a progressive movement that aims to erode the authority of God and the bonds of the family unit so that it can replaced with "enlightened" communist professors, socialist politicians and a caring nanny state that will ultimately tell you what is best for you in every aspect of your life.

The Robertson family are duck call makers and reality TV actors. I understand this. However, they have become a symbol of exactly what the progressive movement is trying to snuff out for good. If this family is eventually removed from mainstream media by the progressives then the message they are carrying about living for God and having strong family values will be silenced.

Welcome to progressive America.

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