Thursday, September 29, 2016

28 pages that point the finger at Saudi Arabia.

Recently Congress declassified 28 pages from the 9-11 report that were previously classified at a "Top Secret" level, and while reading it I was able to discern that the report also had additional classification "caveats", specifically the SCI, HCS and NOFORN caveats. These mean "sensitive compartmented information", "HUMINT Control System" and "No Foreign Nationals", respectively. As a former human intelligence (HUMINT) professional, I had access to these types of information and recognized these markers right away. This information was EXTREMELY HIGHLY CLASSIFIED, and would have been accessible to only a handful of individuals outside of the HUMINT collectors, SIGINT collectors and intel analysts of the CIA and FBI that originally reported the information.

The pages show a very strong connection between Saudi intelligence officials and several of the 9-11 hijackers. This is not a conspiracy theory. At least one Saudi Embassy employee was named in the report, a security guard. More importantly, the report shows that a Saudi Interior Ministry official was also connected to at least one hijacker, but was able to leave the US before FBI agents could locate and interview him. If you're so inclined, you'll also read how Saudi officials were involved in providing Saudi government funding (to the tune of more than $3,000 USD per month) to some of the hijackers during the months leading up to the attacks.

Read the 28 pages for yourself here straight from the source. If you must save time, skip a few pages down to page 6 and start there. Within one paragraph it should start becoming clear.

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