Friday, March 1, 2019

Why can’t I have those weapons too?

I’ve heard it said many times that police officers in America work in a “war zone” and that their jobs are so dangerous that they need more. More what? More everything. More cops, more deputies, more body armor, more guns, more automatic weapons, bigger SWAT teams, more radios, more radar, more license plate scanners, more new vehicles, more armored MRAPs from the military, bigger jails, more helicopters, more drones, more use-of-force freedom, more exemptions from civilian laws, more funding, etc.

Always more.

But for me, the only thing I get more of is more laws and more restrictions. A harder process for buying a gun. A longer list of weapons I can’t have. A more expensive legal system that I have to spend more money to navigate even if I didn’t break the law.

If the police work in such a dangerous “war zone”, then that would mean I live in a war zone. So then shouldn’t I be allowed to protect myself like the police are allowed to protect themselves?


  1. by definition, living in a war zone negates all rules and laws you have in the past lived by. by all means, arm yourself up to and including small scale thermonuclear weapons and God forbid napalm land mines and defend your own.