Monday, July 22, 2013

Why prepare?

When I open conversation with people regarding survivalism and prepping (I actually don't like that word) I often get one of a few types of responses:

- Jokes. The person starts joking around and talking about zombies and I know there isn't much I can do to get them to take it seriously.

- Unrealistic expectations. They think that they've got it all under control. They have an old 12 gauge their dad gave them and 6 or 7 shells in a drawer. They have a 4WD pickup and about a week of food in the house. They have matches and a camping lantern with a small bottle of propane. They have a couple flashlights and spare batteries. They honestly think they're good to go. When asked what they'll do when it all runs out, they always say they'll loot a grocery store or something.

- Dependence on others. Some people I talk to about it have someone else that they're leaving it all up to. Someone they know or are related to who lives in what they think is a great Bug Out Location (BOL) and has it all set up and ready to go. They're content to leave their survival to someone else. They're content to know little about survivalism because someone they know out in "the sticks" is going to take care of them. Well, go for it. It sure ain't me.

- The non-believers. The biggest group. These are the ones who simply don't think there is any need to prepare for "The End of the World as We know It" (TEOTWAWKI). They think the government agencies have it all under control. Someone in a black helicopter will swoop in and drop food and water and it'll be like a big camping trip. They're in complete denial. These people can often get a little rude and condescending about it.

The truth is, a lot of people in America don't even know what TEOTWAWKI really is. They think it means zombie hordes. They think it means a nuclear holocaust with few survivors. They think it means a nationwide earthquake. They don't understand that Hurricane Katrina was the end of the world as SOMEONE knew it, being trapped in the Lower 9th Ward for weeks without supplies. They don't realize that the LA riots were the end of the world as SOMEONE knew it, being trapped inside their business for days because it wasn't safe to leave. They don't realize that the tornados in Oklahoma were the end of the world as SOMEONE knew it, with their house blown away and nowhere to go. What about the hikers who get lost for a week in the Rockies? What about the fisherman who's boat breaks down somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico? What about the skydiver who gets blown off course into a swamp? What about the guy who gets laid off and goes a year with no income?

People need to wake up and realize that TEOTWAWKI is happening to people everyday. Sure, events like the polar ice caps melting or nationwide martial law after a terror attack or an economic collapse are a little less likely, but those types of things aren't going to be avoided forever. And even if they are, what about the "small" things? Do you want to take that chance?

If you do, then go back to sleep.

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