Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Your "List of Lists".

Yesterday I talked about the first step of preparing for a SHTF scenario. That first step is waking up and realizing that a SHTF scenario is a real threat. I also talked about doing research to set a good foundation for learning what it takes to be prepared. Right now I am going to talk about another important part of prepping. That is your "list of lists".

The term "list of lists" is something widely used by J.W. Rawles on SurvivalBlog. The list contains the many categories of supplies that someone would need during a SHTF scenario. The categories are:

- Barter & Charity
- Bug Out Bag (Main)
- Bug Out Bag (Additional Adults)
- Bug Out Bag (Children)
- Books
- Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)
- Clothing (General)
- Communications
- Documents
- Finance
- Firearms
- Firefighting
- First Aid & Medical
- Food Preparation
- Food Storage
- Fuels
- Heirloom or Non-Hybrid Seeds
- Home
- Hunting, Fishing & Trapping
- Hygiene
- General Security
- Personal
- Tactical Living
- Tools
- Vehicles
- Water Filtration, Purification & Storage
- Websites

Each category will have items pertaining to that category. There is a 100% ideal "list of lists" posted on the left edge of the SurvivalBlog website by J.W. Rawles. I strongly recommend looking over his list carefully. That list is where I started when I began creating my own list that meets my needs, skill level and budget. For the more experienced and financially secure preppers and survivalists, the SurvivalBlog list is practical and doable. But for someone new to the game or someone who may not be making six figures a year, I have broken it down into a simpler, cheaper and easier to obtain "list of lists" until you are able to gather the items on J.W. Rawles more detailed and ideal list. Most of the items on my "list of lists" can be found at Walmart or easily online. Most of the items are very affordable. Everyday I will discuss a category of the list and the items in that category. I will start with the "Barter & Charity" section. For now, begin deciding how you would like to have your own list set up. I encourage everyone who makes a list to continue to update and refine your list as your needs, skill level and situation change. I also encourage you to print out a hardcopy of your list and keep it somewhere secure. Keeping a copy saved on your computer and yet another copy saved on a thumb drive is also recommended. Just remember that when one list gets updated, the other copies need to be updated in the same way. That way items don't get left off of any list.

Your "list of lists" is an extremely important step in becoming better prepared for any situation that arises. Please keep in mind, however, that acquiring a big pile of gear and supplies is not going to save you or your family. Skills are important, and they should be practiced and perfected. In the days ahead, I'll also be discussing important skills to have when the SHTF. For right now, we will focus on the importance of each category of your "list of lists".

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