Thursday, April 7, 2016

10,000 Syrian refugees being settled in the US. And 10,000 is just "the floor", not "the ceiling"...

This from a gleeful mainstream outlet, MSN:

An official states that 10,000 is the lowest number of people who will be brought here. They also say they'll be brought here at breakneck speed. The process usually takes between 18-24 months, but these refugees will be relocated in about three months.

How are we allowing this to happen after seeing Europe set ablaze? In a couple of years time, maybe less, Europeans will wish for the good old days of Bataclan and Molenbeek.

Do you see what happens to the women caught by even small groups or pairs of refugee men? There are thousands of military age males (MAM) in these refugee hordes, young and healthy enough to go anywhere in the Muslim world and make a life. But instead they are being shuffled to Europe and the US.

Do we care about the horrors our young women will be subjected to, like some have been in Europe? Do we not have the spine to intercede and stop the fires that are being set? This is self destructive behavior.

It's this type of behavior that is being accelerated in the nine months we have before a new President comes to office. Whoever that person is or whatever they do may have no effect, or if it's Hillary or Bernie, may have a negative. In both cases, the following by Bracken is again true:

"America is dead. Your community is your country. Act accordingly."

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