Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The race for the White House heats up every day that passes and all I can see for the future is chaos. I feel Ted Cruz is the only Constitutional Conservative in the race since Rand Paul dropped out. Donald Trump is a buffoon, but even worse he is the same type of statist we've been electing since Reagan's terms expired. Hillary is a Clinton, nothing more needs to be said. Bernie Sanders is a hardcore socialist, though I guess at least he's honest about it. The democrat party is one of socialist support anyway. I don't know who is going to win, if any of of those people at all. Maybe it could be someone else not yet named. 

Regardless, we may already be out of time. As bad as Obama has been, the real chaos may start in nine months. Our choices in the upcoming elections may be pointless, and if so, I'll leave you with something as stated by author and former Navy SEAL, Matt Bracken:

"America is dead. Your community is your country. Act accordingly."

More later.

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