Friday, January 11, 2019

Have we all already accepted the "mark of the beast".

The Bible states that we will see "the mark of the beast" implanted in our hands and/or foreheads.

Is it the cellphone that is the mark? Instead of implanting it, have they simply just convinced us all to carry it with us literally every moment of every day?

Is it not already in your hand at this moment? Do we not already have millions and millions of people who's phones are always at the forefront (forehead) of their minds?

1 comment:

  1. I have been required to use it my field of work.
    I have made a point of not letting it dominate my life.
    with these smart phones we have options. It is a tool.
    like all tools it has the ability to do good and cause harm.
    There is no doubt smart phones are and will be used against the public.
    Perhaps there is another option. are there or will there be brands that protect the data and rights of users? can we find ways to deactivate certain aspects of these devices?