Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adapting to the flow of information and truth

I think Trump and Hillary both have all of the hallmarks of a future dictatorial strongman who will trash the Constitution and attack their perceived enemies. Clinton's perceived enemies are of course Christians, men, veterans, white people, Southerners, gun owners, conservatives, etc. Trump's perceived enemies are probably a much shorter list than that, though I don't want to see any executive attacking their own perceived enemies.

I know for a fact that Hillary AIMS to dismantle the US Constitution and erode our liberties to subjugate us. While I believe Trump has the ability to do the same thing, I do NOT believe that he aims to do so. Additionally, he has surrounded himself with a number of strong Constitutionalist organizations and people, and I am ready to vote for Trump on the assumption that he is willing to keep them around and heed their advice. Without the advice of close by Constitutionalists, he will revert to his reflexes, which are to lean leftward. His complete lack of understanding of the purpose and meaning of the US Constitution as a document that is written in order to protect us from HIM (or Hillary) is something that MUST be remedied. I am willing to vote for Trump on the assumption that he has people near him that are working on this. In speeches in my home state of Florida, he has mentioned the US Constitution, which is an improvement from earlier in the campaign, when he rarely would do so.

In 1776 the revolution was begun (really 1775, or even earlier) by colonists who included statesmen, soldiers, politicians, drunkards, womanizers, bar fighters, scoundrels, antagonizers, criminals, spies and traitors (to the crown). If we are to turn the country around, we don't have enough people to do it if we exclude the usefulness of the people who do not always meet our standards. While this does not mean we need the likes of scum like John McCain or Mitch McConnell, we may very be able to use the services of people like Jeff Miller, Marco Rubio, or even Donald Trump.

I am willing to support Trump enough to vote for him (at least for today, November 2nd, because who knows what's going to happen tomorrow), though I am still not confident my vote even matters though, or will be counted correctly, so that helps my willingness to vote for him, since I'm not sure it matters anyway. I don't believe there is any voting our way out of the problems we face. But as Trump has evolved through these few months, he has evolved in a direction I can definitely support. If a candidate is able to see some light and change his views as he discovers more truth, then a person must be able to change their own actions based on that. One group of people are truly in the bag for a candidate no matter what happens, and the other group is in truly in the bag against a candidate no matter what happens. Both groups are wrong. We need to be able to adapt our views and actions as we discover more truth.

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