Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If you're not familiar with "Pizzagate", here's your primer.

This so called "Pizzagate" scandal, if true, is by far the most outrageous scandal to come out of DC since, well, maybe anything else that's ever come out of DC. It's probably on a level all it's own. I'll admit that I'm not totally convinced, but I've gone and found the best recap (so far, the whole thing is still be dug into) I could find. The MSM, in its normal habit, is totally ignoring this story. But that's alright. Thanks to the ability of regular people to use the Internet and "news gathering" equipment all on their own, the MSM is completely useless. It's best tossed into the "fake news" bin they've been trying to push everyone who was right in predicting Hillary's historic failure of a campaign into. We have no need for the MSM, since we have the "alternative media" (which has thoroughly demonstrated it's own legitimacy in news gathering and reporting), plus our own citizen journalists, like the ones on Reddit who have done heavy leg work digging up this possible "Pizzagate" scandal.

Herschel at The Captain's Journal has the best rundown I've seen, so I'll post it here. Read through, check his links, catch up, decide for yourself. Then please have a look around the rest of The Captain's Journal.

If this scandal turns out false, I'll be glad for it, since I would sad to hear of such widespread and heinous abuse of helpless children. If it turns out to be true, it'll be important for blog writers, Redditors, alternative news journalists and anyone else with a platform to be broadcasting it loud and long.

Again, read and decide for yourself.

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