Monday, November 14, 2016

An easy false flag and a misinterpretation.

We see the anti-Trump riots taking place in some large cities across the country. Baltimore, Seattle, LA, NYC, etc. have had near continuous rioting since November 8th. The mainstream media is focusing heavily on vague and unfounded reports of "Trump supporters" harassing Muslims and Latinos, but have said little in the way of condemning the left wing protestors and rioters. White Trump supporters are being characterized as violent racists despite the fact that very few reports of violence have come from that side. Meanwhile, the left wing rioters have threatened violence AND made good on some of those threats.

What the media desperately wants is for some unhinged, white supremacist, Nazi sympathizing Trump voter to do something that can prove their narrative. So far, they haven't gotten that.

But how easy would it be to simply manufacture something like that? How simple would it be to open fire on one of these "peaceful protests" from a safe native point, drop the weapon, leave behind some pro-Trump artifacts and then simply disappear into the pandemonium? The mainstream media would run with that and use it to prove what they've been saying all along, which is that Trump's supporters are nothing but a bunch of uneducated, angry, racist, sexist, homophobic white men with guns. We've seen many, many examples of people committing crimes and attempting to get the blame shifted to their political enemies. It's a common tactic used by the left against the right.

Another point I've made is that Trump's election was a clear, strong message to the left,and it seems that so far, they have failed to understand it. The message was that we are tired of the agenda of the democrat party and that we are angry with the policies they've pushed. The interpretation that they have taken from our message, however, is that we are simply a bunch of stupid bigots.

They misinterpret our message at their own risk. They threaten violence and insult us. They plot to steal our legal election victory. We are prepared to defend ourselves.

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