Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is the election of Donald Trump as President? A message.

On November 8, 2016 America elected Donald Trump to be President of the United States. But what happened? What is his election, really?

His election is a rebuke. It is a repudiation. A strong, stern message.

It is a rebuke of Obama's policies. It is a repudiation of left wing ideas. It is a message that says there is a MAJOR section of the country that is tired of the neo-liberal track we have been on.

This was a clear signal of our total mistrust and anger toward a mainstream media that has become nothing more than a propaganda department for Obama, and then Hillary.

This was a sign that Americans are largely unwilling to elect someone who is clearly dishonest, deceitful and corrupt. America has handed a defeat to a candidate that carried dozens of scandals with her dating as far back as 1991 in Arkansas.

America was not tricked into voting for a uterus for the sake of voting for a uterus. America was not shamed into voting a certain way by having the word "racist" screamed at us. America was not convinced to vote for Hillary despite being labeled as "bigots".

The election of Trump is a giant middle finger to Obama, Clinton, the mainstream media, George Soros, Huma Abedin, Jay Z, the University system, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, mainstream pollsters, etc.

His election is a historic manifestation of anger. I advise the left wing of the US political system and their supporters to gain a clear understanding of what this is. This is not a typical election that you happened to lose. This is our final message. We are not going to go your way. We are not going to do what you tell us to do. We are not going to stop saying things that you don't like. It doesn't matter that you scream the words "racist" or "sexist" or "homophobic" or "bigot" at us whenever we choose to think in a way that you don't agree with. Those words mean nothing now, and it is your fault.

You need to open your eyes and see clearly what is happening. Over the last eight years you have pushed very hard to advance the agenda of neo-liberalism and weaponized federal entities against us in order to punish us (IRS, EPA, BATFE), and while you pushed, we have armed ourselves heavily. When Obama was elected, there were roughly 100 million privately owned firearms in the US. Today there are approximately 330 million, and a large number of those are AR-15 style rifles. We have purchased TRILLIONS of rounds of ammunition. And now we have apparently elected what you seem to think is your worst nightmare come true.

Now there are some of you calling for "revolution". Some calling to assassinate Trump and Pence both. Calling for secession of Kalifornia. You are rioting and burning and looting in the cities. Attacking random white people for voting for Trump. Calling for more violence and more riots and more burning and more attacks. You are in meltdown mode, and you need to snap yourselves out of it in order to see clearly what has happened, or else we will continue to react in ways that you will not like.

Again, because of your continuous pushing and force feeding us your left wing ideology, we have armed ourselves heavily and elected someone solely for the purpose of giving you a middle finger.

Please, we are begging you, do not keep pushing. Do not keep using violence. Do not keep threatening us. Do not keep using government bureaucracies to hurt us. We have armed ourselves for a reason, elected a wrecking ball for a reason. We are attempting to protect ourselves. It is your fault. This is your doing. You caused these events to take place. We are not coming after you, but you have made it clear that you are coming for us. You have told us this. Your leaders have told us this. Leave us alone. Back off.

You sent us a clear message when you nominated Hillary. She said she wanted "Australian style gun control" in America (in Australia, guns are almost totally outlawed). She labeled at least a quarter of Americans as "irredeemable" and "deplorable". She showed a complete disdain and malice toward us as people. You sent us a clear message by nominating her. We received it. Now it's time you clearly receive our message.

Stop pushing us, or eventually you will suffer the consequences. We all will.

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