Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Educated elites say sex with children is normal.

First, we've been made to believe that gays make up a large part of society, despite CDC research showing that less than 2% of the US population identifies as homosexual. Now a large part of the media is devoted to convincing us that the gay lifestyle is preferable and healthy.

Then it was the transgender thing, we are supposed to believe that there are tens of millions of transgenders "hiding in the shadows" of society, horribly damaged by our mean spirited bathroom door signs and our bigoted utterances of the words "male" and "female". Assuming someone's "gender identity" is now considered a "microagression".

For several years, Liberty bloggers and message board commenters have been predicting the attempt to normalize adult sex with children, and it will begin with the "educated elites" telling us first, that arousal from sexual feelings toward children is normal.

We are a bit behind the curve. Seems they started three years ago.

They will start by telling us the feelings are normal. Then they'll move onto telling us that the sexual acts CAN be committed in a safe and healthy way, and they'll tell us how. Then they will tell us that as long as the child, ANY child, consents, then it's alright. They'll move to decriminalize, or even legalize some sexual acts with children and then there will be a push to eliminate the age of consent (AOC), or perhaps just drop it so low as to make it pointless to even have an AOC.

The Muslims will support this. The progressive "liberals" will support this. The elites will support this, probably because many of the elites are committing the acts themselves already.

Do not run and hide from this. Do not ignore it. We fight, or else they will get our children, or our grandchildren. You might not accept this, but if we don't stamp this out, eventually the people in your family line WILL accept it and the children will suffer for it.

The elites who are in charge are evil, and they are pushing us toward a one world government system, a new world order. They want it all, and that includes the innocence of children.


  1. Fearmongering bullshit from a lunatic

    1. We have evidence that this seminar took place and that speakers did, in fact, make the assertion that feeling of sexual arousal from children is healthy and normal. Do you have any evidence that this seminar or the speakers' comments are fictional?

  2. The Progressives are intent on destroying America and the culture we once had. Abnormal and/or dysfunctional behaviors (even criminal behaviors) are often rationalized as "normal" so that the behavior can become accepted. Although sexual deviancy has been commonly viewed as unacceptable, immoral, and abberant behavior, the Progressives have developed a strategy of false narratives to attempt to force the abberant behaviors onto normal society. Only the weak and the idiots will accept the sexual deviancy as normal.

    1. Well said. You've defined the basic, initial strategy of the progressives when it comes to not only convincing the public to accept sexual deviancy, but also their general strategy in getting us to accept a great many things that we otherwise know is unacceptable.

      This has nothing to do with what consenting adults do behind closed doors and in private. Any Liberty minded individual can accept that the state does not belong in anyone's bedroom. This goes beyond that, in this case, to an attempt to convince us to give up our children.