Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Herschel's word on the Lake City cop who got away with murder.

A while back in Lake City, Florida, officers were searching for a suspect who had fled to a neighborhood in the area. They were on foot at an apartment building and the officers tactically surrounded a unit and "banged" on the door. When the tenant answered the door, the only thing he saw was guns pointed in his face. Despite there being no warrant and despite the man having no connection to any criminal events, the officers shot and killed him. The Florida Courts ruled this to be lawful, for some idiotic reason.

Here is the word from Herschel at the Captain's Journal, and I agree with every word of it.

Home raids need to be stopped or drastically reduced. Do we really need to do a tactical, military-style surprise raid on someone's house because they ran? Or because you think they have weed? If it's so damn important that the police "go home safe at the end of the day", then why so much overkill? Is it to remind us how powerful the police are over us?

What about our need as free citizens to feel secure in our own homes?

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