Thursday, April 13, 2017

Huffington Post writer advocates barring white men from voting.

At least they're being honest.

When your enemy tells you things like this, you have to believe that they will make it happen. Don't brush it off.

Update on 4/18/2017: Apparently this article was written as a hoax to fool the Huffington post into publishing such nonsense (that all white men should be stripped of their right to vote for at least a few decades to allow a retraining of the next generation of white men to be less masculine, less bigoted and less white), and it worked. HuffPo published the nonsensical and completely racist (anti-white) and sexist (anti-male) article without giving it a second glance. The author, who is not named Shelley Garland (that person does not exist), really laid it on thick and may have a future as a writer for satire sites such as The Onion or DuffelBlog.

I could simply delete this post and replace it with a brief explanation, or no explanation, but I'm going to leave it. I'm not entirely sure this even qualifies as a hoax. The article was deliberately written by an actual person, and HuffPo published it on their actual website. They claim not to necessarily endorse or support all of the views on their sites, but what does that even mean? If it's published on YOUR website, then it's YOUR content, unless you're specifically publishing it to show the other side of the spectrum, in which case, you make that obvious. HuffPo simply published this nonsense piece about removing the right of white men to vote as if it was a legitimate article written by one of their contributors.

I wonder if we got a list of all of their "contributors" and then polled them on who they voted for in the last one or two elections, what result would we get? I bet I can guess...

What if the piece had been written about black men? Or Hispanic women? Or all women? Would HuffPo publish that with a simple "we don't necessarily endorse every point of view in this article..."  disclaimer? Of course not!

The link to the article may be dead but the point about the political leanings of HuffPo is made crystal clear, as usual.

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  1. The arrogant, belittling and hateful comments of the left wing are only serving to unite and anger white demographics. They are ensuring that whites have a stronger sense of identity an creating a situation where white people will become less cooperative with other demographics of people. Not sure if this is what they want but they are getting it.