Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feminist: Make STEM classes "less competitive" to attract more women students.

According to a peer-reviewed paper written by neo-feminist, we need to make science, tech, engineering and math classes easier and less competitive in order to attract more female students and allow them to have a higher level of success in these STEM classes.

Ironically, she doesn't see the overt sexism in her idea. She states that even the language used in the syllabus must be made "more friendly" (I gather she means intellectually simpler so as to be less intimidating for emotionally fragile women) in order to avoiding scaring women away.

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  1. That's one big chunk of why the country is in such sad shape now...the dumbing down of education for those without the IQ and technical abilities to do the job. What's next...changing the rules in the NFL so that Stephen Hawking can be a field goal kicker because...DIVERSITY?