Saturday, April 22, 2017

My response to Scott Adams (The Dilbert Guy).

Scott Adams, creator of the comic "Dilbert" (one of my favorites), is a well known conservative, and has his own blog, of course.

He made some points about the Trump presidency so far and I'm inclined to respond:

The economy? Sure it looks decent to us right now, but our national debt is insurmountable, so let's admit that. The government is still too heavily involved in the criminal enterprise that is our healthcare system, and that is over 20% of our economy. Not a good outlook.

North Korea? Right, China does seem to be involved the way we want them too. I'm glad to see some real action on NK for a change. I consider them to be a legitimate national security threat in the near future.

Syria? It's a mess. It was a mess before and after the cruise missile strike and I'm still not sure what our role is or why we should be there.

Illegal immigration? A 70% reduction on illegal immigration sounds great but I'm still looking for some stats to back that up.

Supreme Court? I like Gorsuch for now and I can't imagine him betraying the Constitutionalists on any major issue.

Healthcare? Already commented a bit on healthcare. I'm not optimistic. The last bill he pushed was 0bamacare lite, and that's not acceptable. Hopefully he will brush that aside as a plan that didn't work and will get behind something that will get the government out of the healthcare industry.

Tax reform? We shall see. Here's hoping for some sort of grossly simplified tax system.

Climate change? I hope he approaches this from a business perspective, because if so, he will quickly realize that political demand for renewable energy is still vastly outpacing the technology. Also, the climate change push is heavily politicized. Anytime a politician tries to tell you something is "settled science", make a mental note: They are not to be trusted.

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