Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A random information dump.

Soldiering tasks to get familiar with.

Intelligence analysis toolkit.

US Army Special Forces Advisor Guide. Wikileaks.

How to make charcloth.

What you need to know about military assistance to civil disturbances.

Karl Denninger on the rule of law. I may have posted this before. Read it again.

SHTF intelligence, part 1. From Foward Observer. I'll try to find part 2.

Edit: I found Part 2 of SHTF Intelligence.

Dear Liberal, here's why I'm so hostile. Sufficient Reason.

DTG: The Neighborhood Protection Team.

The Secrets of Countersurveillance. STRATFOR.

SIGINT resources. Brushbeater.

Get your floodplain maps here. Yes, you need them.

Speaking of maps, get topographic maps for your area at MyTopo or at NatGeoMaps.

Do your reps and senators follow the Constitution? Find out right here. Hint: They probably don't...

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