Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Faithless electors turned more against Clinton than Trump.

The left has been pushing for the faithless electors to save America from Trump. I don't think anyone thought the result would be changed but I think most people could see clearly that not every elector was going to vote the way the people in their state ordered them to. What I think surprised some people and especially surprised the mainstream media (of course) was that Hillary Clinton actually lost more of her electors than Trump did. He only lost two while she lost four, and she nearly lost an additional two, but one was replaced and the other was forced to change their vote to Clinton.

In the end, the result is the same, Trump wins, and now it goes on to the House of Representatives for official counting, where they certainly sign off on Trump's electoral victory.

The last event I can think of pertaining to anything is that 0bama has ordered the intelligence community to produce a report on Russian interference in the US election and to have that report on his desk by January 19, the day before Trump's inauguration. My question is: What is he going to do with that report? Is he going to act on it in any way?

In any event, the end of 0bama's two terms, which I refer to as "the punishment", isn't until January 20th.

Stay frosty and confirm your zero.

And then read what Denninger has to say.

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