Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Electronic book burning is what this is.

The internet giants, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are going to start collaborating to rid the Internet of "extremist" viewpoints.

This means people with viewpoints like mine. Probably your's.

Zerohedge tells it.

On September 29 I posted that the US was relinquishing leadership of ICANN and that it would now run itself as a private entity. This means it can (and will) easily come under the influence of state actors like Russia and China.

Maybe I should have been more leery of the Internet players themselves. Seems Google isn't really into that whole "free speech" stuff.

I've said it before that the easiest way for the federal government to infringe on the free speech bit of the First Amendment is to simply get non-state actors to do the leg work for them. If the Feds can't legally shut you up, they'll find someone who can and will just have them do it.

Google. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. All of the hundreds of companies those giants own. They hate your ability to think for yourself.

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