Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More examples of the government stepping on the people.

As you see from this ZeroHedge article, the government is still, in many states, causing problems for people who are just trying to use private water sources as well as collect rainwater. This example is in Oregon.

The government NEEDS you to depend on them, or else people will realize there is little use for government. Government is a cancer that does nothing but grow itself. It is not in the nature of government to shrink itself, thus empowering people to seek Liberty. It is in it's nature to grow and become more and more powerful over the people.

Government must be kept small, and when it gets too big, it sometimes must be beaten back into submission.

What if you had a pond on your property that was collecting rainwater and you used it for watering your garden and animals and to fill your emergency water barrels for your family? One day the local government shows up and tells you to drain it and empty your barrels, because that water belongs to THEM. You say no, so you fight it in court and lose. This is obviously absurd, that any court of man could ever dictate that you can not use God-provided, naturally occurring rainwater and bodies of water on your private property to feed your garden and animals, and for your family to drink from in emergencies. Pure lunacy. So this absurd court rules against you, but you know you are right, as you have a natural right, unable to be infringed upon by any man, to drink rainwater. So what next? The local government tells their armed employees, the cops (they do not serve you, they serve their government bosses first), to knock on your door and order you to comply with the absurd mandate. You refuse, because once again, you have an assailable right to the rainwater that falls on your own head. No man can say otherwise no matter how much government he thinks he has behind him, and you are correct. The cops will attempt to kidnap you (they call it "arrest") and trap you in a cage (they call it the "county jail"), and you will still have to comply with their ridiculous orders to drain your water supply. When you resist against this kidnapping attempt, they will beat you into submission. When you attempt to defend yourself or your family against this beating, they very well may just shoot you to death in your home.

But don't worry. They will kill you for your own good.

I hope that rainwater tasted good.

The government, whether it be federal, state or local, NEEDS you to need them. They will MAKE you need them. Their existence depends on it.


  1. This is why we need to be ready to defend our families no matter what.

    1. Yes! Arm up and prepare to defend yourselves against all comers, because rest assured that they will come. They will be the aggressors when they realize that we no longer depend on them. Provide your own food as much as possible and homeschool the children. Those two things alone will starve the beast.

  2. They are starting to enforce Agenda 21

    1. Correct. Agenda 21 is meant to be enforced at all levels, especially at the ground level in the counties and cities. The goal is sustainability (as defined by nameless, faceless "experts", of course) at the cost of Liberty and the reduction in quality of life (0bama told poor Africans that they would harm the environment by obtaining the means to air conditioning).