Saturday, December 31, 2016

NSA code breaking "legend" says Russian hacking accusations are false.

William Binney is the man who created the NSA mass surveillance capability and is well known for being the NSA's best-ever code breaker and cryptanalyst. He spent part of his 36 years at Fort Meade managing over 6,000 NSA employees, and is responsible for mapping out the entire Soviet Command and Control structure. In this Zerohedge article, Binney calls BS on the accusations that Russia is responsible for hacking into DNC servers.

Let me make a point here: Let's assume for argument's sake that the Russians DID hack into the servers and make the private emails of Hillary and her staff public. Do I WANT foreign intelligence security services (FISS) hacking into our databases? Of course not. However, assuming that it has happened, does it change the relevance of the content of those documents? If the Russians hacked the email servers, are we morally or ethically obligated to then ignore the content and implications of those emails? Are we to simply excuse the wrongdoings that are exposed by those emails just because FISS is the one responsible for their exposure? Is it to be expected that we omit these findings from our decision-making when it comes to casting votes?

Absolutely not, and no honest person would argue otherwise.

No honest person would argue otherwise.

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