Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Retaliation against Russia?

Apparently the 0bama administration sees fit to announce some retaliatory measures against Russia for... Well I don't what it's actually for. Are they legitimizing their claims that Russia influenced the election? I'd say they need to be retaliating against John Podesta and Hillary herself, in that case.

In other news, apparently 0bama's many vacations (one of which he is currently on) have cost taxpayers 90 million dollars. This is why people hold politicians in such contempt. There are so many things that take place in government circles that are facially so absurd, and without logical or rational explanation. I would never ever be one to deny someone a vacation, especially not someone with a job that I'm sure is as stressful as POTUS, but regardless of how badly said POTUS needs or deserves a vacation, the facts of the reality we live in do not give a damn about that. The fact is that we have no money, so how in the world did we pay for all that?

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