Thursday, February 9, 2017

Climate change whores caught lying, again.

As per usual.

If your position is backed by "99%" of scientists, and you have the moral high ground, then why lie constantly?

If you fire every scientist that dissents, then eventually you will have 99% who all agree with each other. Just get rid of all of the scientists who don't fall into line. This is how it works right now, unfortunately. Any scientists who produce "studies" that prove the narrative on climate change stand to make money and get promoted. Any scientist who dissents stands to lose his or her job and get black-balled from he scientific community. Does this not raise some logical questions in your mind?

And why is the AGW crowd constantly and publicly caught lying, while the dissenters are only accused of lying, with no evidence needed?

There is no such thing as "settled science" to anyone who cares about real science. Every scientific discovery is perpetually open to to be explored by critical eyes and re-examined. Once something is settled, especially if it's a bunch of politicians claiming that's it's settled, then you should be wary.

What if we had never reexamined our belief that the Milky Way was the entire universe? We believed THAT until the mid 1900's! And that wasn't even politicized like climate change is today.

The climate change narrative today can be used to make money and control people, so of course our politicians will tell us that it's "settled".

Whores just whoring for money and power.


  1. Gray man,
    Here is the only thing I've seen online about the UN and how they are lYing to the USA people...
    I put it out on my Facebook page but no one bothered to comment one it...
    Since I came here today and saw your blog about the scientists I figured you had a following of sorts...
    Thank You for your service to the USA...

    Straight from the horses mouth:

    1. Thank you for the support.

      If people will listen closely enough, the globalists will tell you most of what they are planning. There is no limit to their arrogance.