Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My brief thoughts on SCOTUS nominee.

Earlier last year I was kind of anti-Trump because of his established history of left wing stances, friendliness with people like the Clintons and his apparent lack of Constitutional understanding. I didn't demand that he be some top Constitutional scholar, but simply understanding the purpose of the document's existence would have been sufficient.

Later in the year it became clear that if nothing else, he seemed to understand how to remedy his lack of knowledge by surrounding himself with some people who did seem to understand and value our founding document. A strength of his seems to be putting the right people in the right places at the right time.

About a week or so prior to election I decided I would vote for Trump under the assumption that he would continue surrounding himself with conservatives who value and understand the Constitution. This decision of mine was largely based on the list of Conservative and originalist judges he said he would use to choose his SCOTUS nominees.

Recently, he nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Curcuit Court to join the SCOTUS. Gorsuch seems to be a conservative, of course, but more importantly, he seems to be an originalist when it comes to his interpretation of the Constitution. Many have said he is the closest name on that list to former Justice Antonin Scalia, whom I believe was the strongest Constitutionalist we had in all of the federal government.

This is a move I totally support and despite the tears from the left, I think he will be nominated. The democrats themselves destroyed their only route to stop his confirmation when they held the majority in Congress. They regret this now, I'm sure.

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