Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Now is the time to buy an AR-15!

Leading up to the November 2016 general election, gun stores stocked up on AR-15 style rifles, including AR upper parts kits and lower receivers. The idea was that Hillary Clinton was going to win and then eventually drop the hammer and push for her "Australian style gun control" she praised during her campaign.

Once that happened, her election I mean, a run on AR-15 rifles and build kits would take place and the prices would skyrocket like they did in late 2012 when 0bama ran for a second term on a platform of gun control, among other things. A lot of people expected this to happen, and for good reason.

Well, it didn't happen. Donald Trump won the election and had run on a fairly gun friendly platform. Gun owner were relieved and AR-15 prices have not budged, except to go slightly down. Gun stores and websites have plenty of stock and not a whole lot of demand. When supply is up and demand is down, prices are low.

Right now is as good a time as any to buy your first (or second or third) AR-15 rifle. A Smith and Wesson M&P-15 sport can be had out the door at some stores for under $700. The same can be said for Ruger's iteration of the most popular rifle in America. These are two quality rifles that won't fail you. There are even a few Colt rifles going for under $1,000 right now.

Many will say that money like that is still hard to come by, and I totally understand this argument. However, if you can scrape that cash together, you need to. An AR-15 is a great investment because it is a virtual guarantee that those prices will not remain forever. Heck, those prices may not remain even until Trump finishes his current term in office. The value of your rifle, provided you don't destroy it, is a lock to go UP. In fact, guns in general are a great monetary investment. But that's a post for another day.

The brands I currently am willing to recommend (because I have personal experience with them and they're known to have a history of quality) are as follows and are in no particular order:

Rock River Arms
BCM - Bravo Company USA
Daniel Defense
Spikes Tactical
Heckler & Koch
Sig Sauer
Smith & Wesson
Les Baer
Wilson Combat
Palmetto State Armory

A few decent websites to look at for purchases:

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