Monday, February 6, 2017

The left is melting down over the Patriots victory over the Falcons.

I am not a Patriots fan in any sense, but I detest the Atlanta Falcons. I am a New Orleans Saints fan, after all. So last night I watched Super Bowl LI and "rooted" for the Patriots, though I am obviously tired of the Brady worship we've been subjected to over the last decade.

With that said, I am growing ever more ecstatic over the historic come from behind win by the Patriots over the Falcons, because the left is hitting the roof over it. Apparently the win by New England is representative of "white supremacism".

The left wing of politics in America is the most disgustingly racist group of people we have in the country today. Normally I defend everyone's right to like or dislike whoever they want for whatever reason they want, but the problem here is that the left has no insight into the fact that THEY are the real racists. If you want to be a racist, then BE A RACIST. Just don't pretend like you aren't and everyone else is.

Side note, the word "racist" has really lost all meaning, and the fault lies with the left. You did that. Own it.


  1. The stupid! It BURNS!!
    This racism and white supremacy crap has gotten WAY out of hand. It's come to the point that I will not even knowingly speak to a leftist. I already know what mindless drivel will spew out of their lie-holes before they even say it. I feel a loss if IQ points being sucked out of my soul anytime one comes near me.

    1. It's sad that in society we have gotten to the point where politics divides us to the point of not wanting to interact. But that is how it is now. Politics isn't just "politics" anymore, something you can just partition off from daily life until you want to discuss it. "Politics" is now in everything. It's inescapable because people are realizing that "politics" is what one group of people uses in order to force another group into submission.

  2. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.~Mao Zedong

    That little Commie knew it, and now I think that the American Commies have taken that quote to heart. It's time that they found out that often in war, when a barrel is pointed one direction there are two pointed back at them.