Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Why do distinct cultures exist? I believe it's because people naturally gravitate and stay with people who are similar to them. People who look, behave and speak similarly, people who have the same talents, goals, norms, customs and attitudes will form cultures and generally stay together in their own geographic areas, large and small.

What happens when different cultures come into proximity? If the proximity is voluntary, great things can come of it. New ideas and innovations are introduced and generally speaking, all of the cultures can come away better, slightly changed, but still maintaining the core of their cultural identity. These different groups can choose to live in proximity for as long as they want and continue to absorb the positive aspects of this voluntary proximity.

But what happens when these diverse cultures are forced into proximity for an indefinite period of time? Perhaps permanently? What happens when these diverse cultures are told that they must absorb and welcome ALL aspects of the alien cultures, or else risk being branded with some negative labeling? What happens when some of these cultures are given special preferences above other cultures? What happens when history is taught in a way that shows some cultures as permanent oppressors to others?

Conflict occurs when the cultures can't voluntarily separate. There is nothing wrong with cultures maintaining a voluntary separation/voluntary proximity pattern.

Diverse cultures, combined with forced, permanent proximity, results in conflict that escalates into wars.


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