Sunday, February 19, 2017

The wife favors the Sig P320.

The wife went and took her class to get the certificate required by Florida to get her concealed weapons permit. She had some issues with the Ruger LC380 she had, and instead tried out the Sig Sauer P320. She liked it. Liked it enough that she wants one ASAP.

My personal issues with Sig pistols was that they had larger, somewhat bulky feeling grips and were overpriced. In fact, Sig was sort of known for these things in the gun community, to an extent. Well from what I can tell, those issues aren't really issues anymore.

You can commonly get out the door with a P320 for less than $600, and that's not bad. It's modular, which is great if that matters to you.

The Army just choose the Sig P320 as their new standard issue pistol. The Special Operations community has instead settled on the Glock 19.

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  1. My wife prefers the KelTek P11 9mm, but then again, she has small hands.
    I can't shoot that thing. I don't have big hands, but my pinkie hangs off of the grip like some sissy Brit sipping a cup of tea.
    But she did go back and get a Taurus 605 revolver (.357) as a backup. That thing feels nice.