Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Liberty vs governance.

A person who believes that the general population is irrational, weak, stupid, uneducated (by their standards), dangerous, dishonest or incompetent will believe that those people can not manage their own lives, and therefore must be governed. If you believe this about the general population, then you must logically believe this to be true about the average individual as well.

However, a person who believes that the average person is rational enough, strong enough, smart enough, educated enough, safe enough, honest enough and competent enough to manage their own lives independently enough to avoid harming others on a regular basis either inadvertently or intentionally, will support maximum Liberty.

But if you choose to be the first type of person, then you must acknowledge your own irrationality, weakness, stupidity, lack of education, dangerousness, dishonesty and incompetence, and submit that someone else should be able to govern you however they see fit.

No one with a survival instinct or a naturally ingrained drive for freedom and liberty would agree to this.

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