Sunday, February 26, 2017

How they operate.

Local police:

1. Laws restricting private citizens from forming militias (protected by the Constitution?) and persuing violent criminals, and restricting law-abiding private citizens from owning equipment helpful in persuing violent criminals. Laws limiting the self defense measures a private citizen can take without being prosecuted themselves.

2. Claim that police are the only ones capable and equipped to persue violent criminals. Encourage "shelter in place".

3. Ask for money, more military equipment, more guns and more cops, without ever telling the private citizens how many you need, just that you need "more" and whatever you have at any given time is "not enough". Tell the people the most important thing is always "officer safety", which is even more important than anyone's "rights".

4. ???

5. Profit.

Federal and State police:

1. Find an impressionable person (white is best, but a black will help fuel racial tension) with some "extreme" views, but they are otherwise not inclined, are incapable and unequipped to take any action, ever.

2. Befriend them, and train them to be capable, equip them and encourage them to take action. Provide the opportunity and assist them, but then arrest them at the last minute (or one minute too late).

3. Claim that "domestic terrorism" is a major threat, and request additional tax dollars for more weapons and equipment and lobby for the legal ability to spy on anyone you want without oversight, except by a super secret court that the public has no access to.

4. ???

5. Profit.

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