Friday, February 3, 2017

High ranking UN climate change official says the goal is to destroy capitalism.

Recently a UN official in charge of setting the UN policy on climate change admitted that the goal of the UN climate change effort has nothing to do with the environment, but actually has everything to do with destroying capitalism and reducing the world's population by slowing population growth.

Is it YOUR grandchildren who they want to prevent from being born? Or mine? Certainly it is not their grandchildren who can't be allowed to exist. They are the elites, and we are the common folk. We can not be left to control our lives. We are dangerous.

Oh, what would we do without them?

Perhaps, be truly free? Wouldn't that just be terrible...?


  1. Funny how the gubment and their puppets know what is "best" for us over and above what we desire.
    Added your blog to my favorites folder.

  2. I agree, and thank you for the add!