Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Allow yourself to think strangely for a moment (Fort Lauderdale Shooting)

Isn't it convenient that just after SB 140 is introduced in the Florida Legislature, we have this "mentally ill" former National Guardsman fly from Alaska all the way to Florida (no less) to commit a heinous act of "mass murder" (AKA Saturday night on the town in Chicago).

He killed people in an airport. SB 140 would allow Floridians to carry a defensive weapon in some areas of airports.

Yes, it is very convenient for some people.

Allow yourself to think differently for one moment, to break the normalcy bias, if only briefly. Just do it as a thought exercise and see if you can entertain the idea of something very different from how you normally think.

Read Bracken's Professor Raoul X, and then read the news articles about Adam Lanza, Dylan Roof and Esteban Santiago.

Now do the math, and let it percolate briefly. NOW, ponder what it means for our entire system and society.

Crazy conspiracy theories are usually... Crazy.


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