Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Major part of the 35 page report against Trump is a hoax?

Apparently, posters on 4Chan have inadvertently hoaxed both CNN and Buzzfeed, and seem to have also embarrassed the CIA as well.

If this doesn't destroy every bit of credibility CNN has left, then I'll be surprised. I'm not sure Buzzfeed had any credibility to begin with.

Even the NYT says CNN and Buzzfeed were engaged in "false rumors passed off as legitimate journalism", and says the allegations made against Trump in the report are "totally unsubstatiated" and that they refuse to publish the report, as they can not "stand behind" it.

NYT article on CNN and Buzzfeed fake news.

If you don't prefer to give the NYT your clicks, the other two links from Zerohedge are more than sufficient.

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