Thursday, January 26, 2017

The VFMS tells the downside of populism.

Populism: The Downside by the Virginia Freeman's Society details some of the, well, downsides of populism. Not hard to imagine that allowing the mass of hundreds of millions of people to make critical decisions for the rest of the mass of hundreds of millions of people might turn out to produce some bad results.

Like the article asks, are lots of fools superior to just a single fool?

Someone also once quipped that a society declines when the village idiot's vote carries the same weight as the vote of Aristotle. Or something like that.

Populism is basically power to the people. Sounds good, until you meet some of those people and realize that they are 51% and that you are part of the 49%, and that they hate your way of life...

Populism can be closely tied to nationalism. Nationalism has been taught as a bad thing in schools for decades, but here is a repost on nationalism that gives another point of view.

Populism has it's goods and bads. Populism is a tool we are using to fight globalism, which must be fought viciously. But be wary.

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