Saturday, January 7, 2017

The American people do not trust 0bama or the mainstream media

Two online polls conducted by mainstream media personalities John Harwood (CNBC since most people don't know who he is, for good reason) and Lou Dobbs show that the American people (or at least the ones voting in the polls) have little trust for the mainstream media (MSM), US intelligence (USI) or for 0bama.

The poll by John Harwood seems to show that the American people have no trust in USI. However, I believe this actually reflects a lack of trust in the MSM, since the public doesn't really know what USI knows about this situation outside of how the MSM is spinning the story. The MSM continues to claim that USI is directly blaming Vladimir Putin for "hacking" the election, while many in USI are refuting that (such as William Binney, the NSA's top codebreaker and designer of the mass surveillance system).

As far as the second poll, I think it was obvious that Assange was going to garner more trust than 0bama, since the American people are pretty much willing to trust anyone over the liar 0bama. This is probably part of the reason we see such a rise in support for Putin, since Putin is firmly positioned as an adversarial  force to 0bama, and that automatically makes him appreciable to the American people, despite his poor human rights record and totalitarian leadership style.

Then again, 0bama has his own leadership style deficiencies, doesn't he?

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