Monday, January 30, 2017

SCOTUS Nominee will be announced January 31 at 1900 Central.

Trump plans to announce his pick for Antonin Scalia's Supreme Court seat, and it's possible that the only way the republicans will get them confirmed is to finish off the filibuster altogether. Chuck Schumer has already said no matter who gets nominated, the democrats refuse to confirm them.

But he also claims the revenge isn't part of the democrats' plan. Yeah, right.

I wonder how Harry Reid feels now about destroying the ability of the minority to block the majority's wishes in stocking the court system with apparatchiks. He dismantled the filibuster so 0bama could pack the lower level courts with America-hating leftists, and now the tables have turned on him.

Did Reid think he and his cronies would be in power forever?

In order for us to maintain some freedom going forward, we MUST replace leftists on the Supreme Court with Justices cut from the same cloth as Scalia, and we must replace as many as possible.

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