Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump to sign more EOs this week.

Last week, Trump signed 17 executive orders and that sent the left into a psychotic tailspin, with protests and riots in dozens of major cities around the country. Meanwhile, regular people who don't live in the urban bubbles shrugged of the turmoil Trump is causing.

It would seem that the left doesn't understand why we elected Trump. Must I keep reposting this message around the Internet?

We elected him to do this. We elected him to cause problems. We elected him to jam up the process. And just as you on the left were unmoved by our concerns, we are unmoved by your violence and the tears of your leaders.

Trump's blistering pace appears ready to continue this week, as he is ready to sign another EO today aimed at overhauling the work VISA program. He is also meeting with some small business owners.

Mike Pence is meeting with the King of Jordan, Abdullah II.

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