Friday, January 6, 2017

The Daily Mail reporting on the torture by four blacks on white man.

Here is a good complete and updated report from Daily Mail on the recent events where a disabled white man was kidnapped and tortured by four blacks.

0bama doesn't grasp the problems, even though these things happened in his town of Chicago.

Imagine something for a second... We saw what these four pieces of filth are capable of. Now realize that the odds of these four being the worst human beings that Chicago has to offer are pretty small. Which means that there are SOME people in Chicago that are actually worse than these four.

In other news, 28 people were shot in Chicago on New Year's Day alone.

It's time for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Police Chief to step down. While I fully blame the shooters themselves for their actions, the mayor and police chief have both been complicit in fostering an environment in which the law abiding are discouraged from defending themselves and black cultural problems in the city are ignored and sometimes celebrated.

When "community organizers" are the leaders of your community, your community is probably in trouble. These organizers are not there to organize. If things get organized, then they're out of a job and they'll have to get a REAL job. They are there to sow discord and propagate division. It's job security for them.

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