Thursday, January 5, 2017

Four black people charged for torturing white man.

Zerohedge reports that four blacks in Chicago have been charged with a hate crime when they kidnapped, bound and beat a white, disabled man and streamed it live on Facebook. The blacks could be heard yelling "F**k white people" and "F**k Trump" during the video.

Black racist CNN anchor Don Lemon claims that the attackers are just victims of bad parenting.

The Chicago police spokesman says the police department believes the man was targeted because of his disability and not because of his race, despite the attackers yelling "F**k white people" in the video.

The grandmother of one of the attackers says that her granddaughter is a "good person" and that her behavior doesn't represent how she raised her.

Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe the piece of trash should have been raised by a mother and father instead of a grandmother. Maybe that's part of the problem with the black, inner city, death culture in places like Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis.

Zerohedge story here.

Imagine if the races in this story were reversed. How many neighborhoods would burn?

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