Monday, January 2, 2017

The stability of society is rooted in the traditional family unit.

The stability of society is rooted in the concept of a traditional family unit. This is the family that consists of one man and one woman who have children between them, all living under one roof, where the man does most of the outside work for income and the woman does most of the inside work of ensuring the home runs properly and smoothly.

Does this mean other circumstances can not work? Of course not. Other circumstances can work out just fine. I should not have to add that little caveat, since I figure we are all adults here and that it should go without saying that not all traditional households work well and that not all non-traditional households suffer from non-traditional status. I shouldn't have to say that, because it's obvious, but I do have to, because we still have a lot of people who's intellect allows them only to point out obvious deficiencies in an argument that everyone else already understands and moves past.

So back to my point, that there is such a thing as an ideal family situation. That ideal situation is NOT one where the two parents live separately of each other, or where there are some extraneous children at other locations, or where you have to deal with ex-spouses or other such entities on a regular basis. The people in these situations are not less than human and are not "bad" people by default. I'm simply stating that these types of situations are less than ideal. Can the adults in the room at least agree upon this?

As we see society becoming less and less stable and friendly, I have one major answer for why it is happening. The traditional family unit is becoming less common and is being replaced by examples of bastardization. Excepting some major personality flaws (spousal abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, etc.) the family unit that consists of one man and one woman with children between them living under one roof, is on average the most commonly stable configuration for a family unit. This is undeniable. I will not continue to provide diversity-sensitive caveats for those of us who believe that reality changes as our feelings get hurt. This type of family unit provides the highest probability of stability in society.

But today, and for a good many years now, we see that not only is the traditional family being tagged as unnecessary, but it's actually now being spoken of as if the alternatives are more stable or more desirable. This encouragement to abandon the hope of one day being a part of a traditional and stable family unit is having a major effect on our children and their future.

Homeschooling your kids, cutting off all cable and satellite options and closely monitoring all internet traffic in your home will allow you, the parent (or future parent) to counteract these harmful propaganda-filled messages. Using a streaming option for your TV allows you to pick and choose what enters your home via your TV (your dumb TV, not a "smart" TV).

The cultural destruction of America is being launched by two methods, one being the illegal mass importation of third-world immigrants who have no ability or intention to assimilate, the other being what I just spoke about. The degrading of the traditional family unit.

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